Schools in District 29

P.S. 135Q, The Bellaire School – Click Here to Watch the P.S.135Q Commercial!

At The Bellaire School, we pride ourselves on providing the most robust education possible. Our caring staff ensures that your child will be treated as an individual, and given an educational plan that will serve them well. Career and college readiness skills are paramount at The Bellaire School. We strive to keep classwork rigorous and provide intervention for students that may struggle with their studies. Our targeted approach to improving student success is what sets us apart. While attending our school, your child is cared for and given every opportunity for a bright future.  read more

P.S. 176Q, The Cambria Heights School – Click Here to Watch the P.S.176Q Commercial!

The Cambria Heights School, P.S. 176Q is committed to building a community of lifelong learners who will be endowed with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and quality of character necessary to be successful, contributing members of this changing global society.  Our 21st-century scholars receive quality standards-based instruction that will maximize the development of their abilities, skills, and talents. They are expected to develop proficiency in the core curriculum areas, Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies to meet and exceed the Common Core Learning Standards.  read more

P.S. 131Q, The Abigail Adams School – Click Here to Watch the P.S.131Q Commercial!







Mission Statement: Public School 131’s school mission is to meet the academic cultural, social and emotional needs of all children. We promote a thirst for knowledge through standards-based instruction in a risk-free environment, to ready them for successful college and career opportunities.

Vision: Our entire school community supports each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect. All staff works together in striving to provide all of our students with the necessary skills and resources that will help them to face life challenges ahead. We are committed to academic achievement and to providing quality learning in a safe and nurturing setting. It is our ultimate goal to empower our students to meet any challenge of the 21st century.  read more

P.S. 033Q 

Every Student Matters … Every Moment Counts

Nestled in the cozy community of Queens Village, PS 33 is home to over 1,000 students in grades K-5.  A highly-functioning school, PS 33 and its staff of experienced educators create a sense of community in which all students are challenged to achieve greatness.  High academic rigor and character development are the cornerstones of the rock-hard foundations students will cultivate and carry throughout their lives.   The school population comprises 16% Black, 27% Hispanic, 5% White, and 52% Asian students. The student body includes 14% English language learners and 10% special education students. Boys account for 52% of the students enrolled and girls account for 48%. The average attendance rate for the school year 2016-2017 was 96%.  read more

P.S. 156Q, The Laurelton School Click Here to Watch the P.S. 156Q Commercial!


It Takes a Team to Educate a Child!

Our Mission Statement: The Mission of P.S. 156Q is to work in partnership with our students, families and the community to provide equal opportunities to achieve the highest standards of academic excellence and integrity of character.

Our Vision Statement: Our Vision at P.S. 156Q is to create a learning community that is continually striving to produce a positive, motivated, high achieving responsible youth. Our students will be inspired to develop themselves and improve the world around them.  read more