P.S. 33Q: Globes for Website

What do we do with our pumpkins after Halloween?  See below.

The children enjoyed learning through a fun-filled, hands-on project. They worked hard, and it showed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Children were able to recognize the shape and relative size of each continent.
  • Children were able to learn their locations with reference to the Prime Meridian and equator.
  • Children defined latitude and longitude.
  • We discussed animals found on each continent and why.
  • We discussed the human and physical features of each continent.


  • Children traced and cut shapes of continents. They taped the shapes onto a painted pumpkin.
  • They traced each shape, then painted each continent.

Core Knowledge:

Define: globe, continent, plain, border, latitude, longitude, Prime Meridian/Date Line, Equator, grasslands, desert

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